Set up your online store in less than 24 hours

Stylish Store

Instant Search

Now you have a bigger search to help your customers find the right product in seconds.

Instant Filters

Filter products by price, manufacturer, specifications and even attributes. Works with category, manufacturer and vendor page of your store.

Mobile-Friendly & RTL

The store looks exceptional on both desktop and mobile. Supports both Arabic & English, and full-support for RTL.

Home page Slider

Add a full width slider on the home page and category, with your own images. No coding necessary

Mega Menu

Add a powerful vertical collapsible mega menu to your store for an effective and easy navigation.

Smart Collections

Organize the products on the home page of your online store.
Show new, sale, featured and bestsellers.




    Sell products directly on your Facebook page. Your customers can browse your catalog and search for the right product within Facebook.


    SEO-friendly markup and Localized URLs. Advanced metadata management. Google Analytics integration.

    Product reviews and ratings

    Gives customers a voice, and at the same time lets potential customers know what other people think about your products.

    Related products

    Displaying related products is a great tool to upsell while customers browse a product page or before they check out.

    Discounts and coupons

     Can be a fixed value or a percent off. Can also be assigned to products, entire categories, shipping, order totals.

    Gift cards

     Gift card functionality is something that every store needs, no matter if running an online or offline business.

    Reward Points

    Offer points earned on the money spent at your store. A customer can then redeem the points for additional products at your store.

    Rich Blog

    Show selected blog
    posts on your home page, have a blog search and organize your blog into categories

    Export to Mailchimp

    Export new customers to MailChimp, and make sure they’re kept informed with your latest offers.

    Google Analytics

    Simply enter your ID and start collecting analytics immediately.


    Make your eMa7el interactive and listen to your customers.


    Stock management

    Manage physical stock and available quantities. Manage backorder and pre-order status for each product. Partial deliveries, and stock management by product attributes (such as color and size) are supported.

    Multiple pickup locations/store branches

    The customers can pick up their goods from different stores. 


    Set different prices for different groups of customers, hide prices for extra-valuable items and make customers contact a sales team by enabling “call for price”.

    Product attributes

    Create as many attributes for your products as you need, such as size and color — each with its own SKU, price, weight, image and stock level. Store owners can add text options to products for shoppers to fill in, such as initials for monogrammed products. The shoppers can also upload files, for example, for custom prints on shirts.


    • Free shipping over X LE.
    • Shipping rates can be based on order weight or order totals, additional shipping charges can be specified per product.
    • Shipping discounts (percent or fixed amount) can be created. Certain customer groups can be marked for free shipping.
    • Coming soon: Aramex, Bosta.



    • Supports 2Checkout,WorldPay, PayPal, Stripe, Cash on Delivery, Purchase Order and credit cards.
    • Coming soon: Mobile Wallet, Aman, Masary and valU.


    • Configured by location.
    • Individual products can be marked taxable or tax-exempt.
    • Tax classes for different products (e.g. goods, services, etc).
      Some customer groups can be marked as tax exempt.

    Extend your eMa7el

    Mobile Apps (Android, iOS)

    Customized apps for a unique user experience.

    Integration with Helpdesk

    Show your SaaS helpdesk as part of your eMa7el e.g. Freshdesk, HelpScout

    Integration with Chat

    Show your SaaS Chat as part of your eMa7el e.g. Chatra, Freshdesk, HelpScout

    Add POS for your offline business

    We can recommend POS that suits your needs from our trusted partners.

    Integration with Accouting/ERP

    Send new orders and customers to your ERP, and get back up-to-date order status from your ERP e.g. Odoo, Xero, FreshBooks. 

    Multiple Warehouses

    Keep track of inventory in different warehouses and improve logistics.

    Marketplace (vendors) 

    • Each product is assigned to a particular vendor.
    • Once an order is placed,and partial payment (or down payment) is collected. Then, an email is sent to the vendor of each product in the order. The email includes products, quantities, etc.
    • Products from multiple independent vendors appear in the common product catalog and your website visitors can shop at one web store even if your products are supplied by hundreds of different vendors.
    • Each vendor can be provided with administrator panel access to manage their products, review sales reports and order details regarding their products.
    • Vendors do not interfere with each other’s activity.